Infrared inspections (thermograph) detect heat radiating from the surface of an object. This can give valuable information about the source your problems.

L.I.C.R.A offers a noninvasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of your house or building. It provides immediate documentation of as-built or post-restoration quality, post-casualty and origin data, plumbing and building envelop water leakage, post-flood and fire damaged material assessment, energy use inefficiency, roofing, and even rodent or pest discovery.

Infrared Inspections include the following services

  1. Home Energy Audit
  2. Detect Water Leaks
  3. Mold Detection
  4. Insulation Evaluation
  5. Post Flood Inspection
  6. Fire Damage Evaluation
  7. Roof Inspections
  8. Rodent and Pest Discovery

Reports can be given to the customer with thermal images attached documenting the infrared inspection.

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