At L.I.C.R.A, we take pride in our quality painting services and it shows in our finished product. Our painting technicians use only the best ingredients for a job built to last. When it comes to durability, reliability, and protection for your best investment, you can count on our extensive product knowledge to find and deliver the durable solution to your problem.

L.I.C.R.A has experienced Lead Painters who work and manage a set crew of two to three painters, all of which are full time employees. Crew leaders do not change throughout the job. The continuity of this system offers many advantages, for example, the crew is more productive and efficient as a team because they understand each others style and skills.

Our sales associates are also the project managers. They will check in daily on your projects to evaluate the progress. Any concerns the clients may have will be addressed immediately. Each site is supervised by a lead painter with a crew of two or three full time painters. The lead painter assures the project is performed with quality and efficiency.

Variety of Painting Services

Using only the best painters in the Nashville region, we specialize in following services

Professional Painters

In addition to painting, we also have Master Carpenters on staff that can tackle any handyman or carpentry project you may have around your home.  Let L.I.C.R.A help you with:

We make sure that no effort is spared when delivering the best painting service to you - our Client.  You will be given an honest, no-nonsense estimate and there will be no unexpected or hidden costs whatsoever at the end of the job. Please take the time to call our office during our regular business hours or fill out our online information request form to get a quote so you can make an informed decision.