L.I.C.R.A provides residential and commercial air duct cleaning, and can treat domestic or industrial ventilation systems. We can also service system blower fans, coils, and drain pans. Our technicians make sure to gather all contaminants outside the premises and transport them to an authorized dumping site.

quality of your air

Most property owners have no ides what goes on inside their air ducts. Air ducts should only be cleaned when it is necessary. On the average, air ducts should be cleaned at least every 3 to 5 years. Nevertheless, please take the following facts into account when you making a decision to use the air duct cleaning service.

steps in our cleaning process

our guarantee

L.I.C.R.A guarantees you that all our technicians are experienced air duct cleaners and that our procedures protect householders and pets from contamination, leading to optimal health benefits for you and your loved ones. 

We will also provide you with references of other satisfied customers.

Once cleaning is complete and all components have been replaced, L.I.C.R.A will not leave your home or office until it is absolutely certain that both the cooling and heating processes are operating properly.

Please take the time to call our office during our regular business hours or fill out our online information request form to get a quote on airduct cleaning so that you can make an informed decision.