Carpet Cleaning MEthods

L.I.C.R.A’s expert carpet cleaners use the following Carpet Cleaning Methods:

what is hot water extraction?

Hot water extraction is sometimes referred to as 'Steam Cleaning'. Actually this is a misapplied term, because real steam is too dry and hot to clean carpet properly. Hot water extraction is recommended and used by many carpet manufacturers and professional cleaners. Because this method removes more contaminants than the other carpet cleaning methods, hot water extraction is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers.

carpet cleaning with hot water extraction or "steam cleaning"

Portable or truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. This piece of machinery may employ rotary brushes or another agitating device to work the solution into the pile and loosen soil.

Factors that affect the results of this method are:

Carpet Cleaning with Shampoo

Carpet Cleaning with Foams

Things to keep in mind when using Shampoo, foam and dry foam

Carpet Cleaning with a Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo

Carpet Cleaning using Bonnet Cleaning

The machine has a large rotating pad that goes over the carpet in a circular motion and absorbs the soil as it is moved over the carpet. The soil attaches itself to the pad and the pad is changed often, to reduce re-soiling, and is kept lubricated with a detergent solution aimed at reducing the distortion of the pile of your carpet. This method has the advantage of drying very quickly because of the small amount of moisture used. It generally does a good job of cleaning the top 1/3 of the carpet pile that is visible to the eye. This method may be considered as an interim cleaning between more effective deep cleanings.

This method is used in the regular maintenance of commercial buildings.

Carpet Cleaning with Absorbent Dry Compound

TA dry compound containing detergent solvent is sprinkled onto the carpet and worked into the pile using machines. The soil particles get encapsulated in the absorbent dry compound and are removed by vacuuming. Since this method does not use any "wet" process, there is no danger of over wetting.

In-Plant Carpet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning is ideal for specialized cleaning of loose or valuable rugs. The rugs are sent through a duster which extracts soil more effectively than routine vacuuming. They are then washed and hung to dry in a controlled air environment.

Drying time may vary depending on the type as well as condition of the carpet or rug, however by using special treatment we minimize it without causing any shrinkage or other problems. We use a method that leaves carpets clean and dry within about 2 to 8 hours depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation in your home. With the speedy drying time carpets dry well before mold and mildew can form. Your carpets will stay cleaner longer and you’ll feel confident with our work. We also offer pet urine removal, odor removal, water damage restoration, carpet repair and reinstallation, area rug cleaning and we are always willing to give you a free in home estimate.